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Do You Have a Hearing Problem?

  • Do you have trouble understanding speech, especially in background noise?
  • Do you ask people to repeat?
  • Do people sound like they’re mumbling?
  • Do you have ringing in your ears or head noise?

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    Where physicians refer their patients.

    No one is ever too old or too young to have a hearing test. Hearing loss can affect people of all ages and in many different ways. Hearing tests identify the type and extent of hearing loss and indicate the appropriate treatment.

    Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and understands your hearing problem. We pride ourselves on being honest while providing a thorough explanation of the pitfalls of online and print advertising, including how buying groups operate. We educate and counsel with no pressure to purchase.

    Davison Audiology offers hearing devices, assisted listening devices, swim molds, sound molds, musician molds, and other products from leading manufacturers.

    We accept all insurances and work with local, state and federal programs. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay. We provide no interest financing for new and reconditioned hearing aids and 90-day hearing aid trials.

    Why Choose Davison Audiology?

    We are certified audiologists with over 60 years of combined experience.

    We are the area's first hospital-based audiologists.

    We are the only audiologist in the area offering four convenient locations.

    Insurance and Discount Programs

    We accept most insurance and discount programs.