Hearing Conservation Program

A local, affordable, on site, annual hearing testing service performed in portable, sound treated booths placed within the company facilities. The primary objective of our Hearing Conservation Program is to protect the hearing of the workers. Our goal is to provide the finest, most complete, comprehensive Hearing Conservation Program possible.

Employee Excuses for Avoiding the Continuous Use of Ear Protection

Hearing protectors can feel awkward at first, but you soon get used to them.

  • They are uncomfortable, hot and sweaty.
  • I get headaches. A little discomfort is a small price to pay for the precious gift of hearing.
  • I feel isolated. This is exactly what will happen permanently if you don’t wear them.
  • I’m used to noise. What you really mean is that you can’t hear it any more. Your hearing is already damaged.
  • It’s too late for me. Preserve and save what is left.

Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling dates can be cancelled and rescheduled at any time prior to the start of testing without additional expense to the company. Test dates do not have to be consecutive (i.e. testing could be scheduled one, two or three days the first week and resume the following week for an additional one to two days).

Management Controlled Test Per Hour

Although 16-20 employees can be tested per hour with each test lasting 5 – 10 minutes, there is no additional charge to the company for testing less than this number. Management is free to determine the number of employees that can be absent from various areas of the plant at one time. Test numbers per hour however must remain reasonable.

In Plant Mobile Sound Booths

Two individual booths can be located within a quiet area of the plant near the employee work site for greater convenience and quick access. These booths can be relocated within the plant as needed. The booths are checked routinely with a sound level meter to insure that they meet OSHA/MSHA regulations.

Microprocessor Automatic Audiometers

Two fully automatic audiometers are capable of storing over 800 audiograms. A manual mode is also available for employees that require special assistance. The results of the test are automatically transferred to a PC for storage and integration with demographic information. Errors encountered in the manual transfer of data is eliminated.

OSHA Approved Hear/Trak Software System

The Hear/Trak Hearing Conservation System is the most complete up-to-date database management system for Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs. Hear/Trak fulfills all OSHA/MSHA requirements. A total of 26 reports are available in a hard copy format or you may choose to purchase a single plant Hear/Trak System where information is transferred electronically for your review.